Uniclab Provinding Real Life changing experiences- by Gustavo Nikoski

Uniclab Provinding Real Life changing experiences- by Gustavo Nikoski


Today I would Like to remember the best experience that I had in my life, During January, February and march of 2012, I made my exchange in Italy, Being Ceeder of Aiesec Pavia, There, I had the opportunity of to meet incredible and awesome peoples, My Main job was help them with the selection process for new members, But I had the privilege of to work simultaneous in another Project called UniCLab, And there I could understand more about how we can do great things with determination and commitment, I helped Uniclab team to have meetings with Enterprises, Professors, and Government, to make possible one of the most amazing projects that I ever had worked, One project to bring the real social corporate responsibility to Pavia's area, changing realities, and giving hope of best days to everyone, Unfortunately I couldn't finish the integral project because my time over, and I came back to Brazil, But I know the project now are running and another lifes are changing, how my has changed, I know that right now my team in uniclab Project, and more 4 amazing Girls of our international networking are working hard to Finish the "Life changing experience" that I had the privilege of to start, together with the UNICLAB Team.
Thank you guys for show me how we can do always more, how we can change realities and never give up...
I'm so proud and happy by you!


Gustavo Nikoski

National Corporate Sales Team - AIESEC In Brazil

Incoming exchange Social - AIESEC In Joinville
Incoming Exchange Corporate - AIESEC In Joinville